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AKA The Shrike

Brenden is the Co-Founder of Cyber Crew. He brings his vision and creativity, as well as a ton business/management experience.

In addition to his work with Cyber Crew, Brenden is also is the Founder of Protocol: Gemini, a tech startup focused on augmented reality and other futuristic technology.

Raised in New Orleans, he comes from a family of creators that fuels his devotion and creativity.

Brenden is a foodie, loves family, and truly believes in the potential of humankind.



Engwind, the Founder of Cyber Crew, is a world-renowned 3D CGI artist and designer, who has been honing his mastery for over 13 years.

Norway is his base of operations, but also where the majority of his inspiration comes from.

Engwind enjoys food and is a sucker for a good bourbon.

ENGWIND's Client include: MSI, Rolling Stone Magazine, Demi Lovato, Bitcoin, GameStop and many more. He is specialized in 3D design and animation and has a great passion for it

Did the Cyber Crew really create the astronaut for the GameStop NFT Marketplace?

Yes, that was us! Although it wasn’t always easy for us to keep it a secret, we loved every bit of the positive responses and praise our astronaut received. We knew we were the right Crew for the job!

What is the C4 Collection?

The C4 Collection is the Cyber Crew’s newest Collection which is currently found on the GameStop NFT Marketplace.

What were the original MINT prices for the C4 Collection?


ID:G08 - Chrome Cannon - .04 ETH

ID:G09 - Cyber Clone - .055 ETH

ID:G10 - Clone Card - .075 ETH

ID:G11 - Cyber Cycle - .05 ETH

ID:G12 - 10Worlds - .1 ETH

ID:G13 - CAN-D - .04 ETH

ID:G14 - Loading Level - .05 ETH


ID:G15 – Cyber Cerberus - .09 ETH

ID:G16 – Cyber Crow - .06 ETH

ID:G17 – Cyber Speaker - .065 ETH

ID:G18 – Cyber Core - .113 ETH

ID:G19 – Cyprotek-Kix - .045 ETH

ID:G20 – Cyber Cruxis Helm - .045 ETH

ID:G21 – Palantir Beetle - .045 ETH

ID:G22 – Tanashi Gun - .016 ETH

ID:G23 – Tanashi Akimbo - .034 ETH

What is the lifetime Gears and Mayhem Subscription that only comes with Cyber Clones and Clone Cards?

The GEAR and MAYHEM Subscription is a LIFETIME Subscription. The owners of either a Gen1 Cyber Clone (ID:G09) or a Gen2 Clone Card (ID:G10) are eligible for these airdrops. Each full Cyber Crew ROUND (for example C4 and C5), there will be 1-3 airdrops that will be gear, weapons, or art. The airdrops are completely stackable, therefore if you own multiple Clones and/or Clone Cards, you will receive multiples of the airdrops.

Updated 04.19.2023 to version 1.3