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Some might know us as the creators of the GameStop Astronaut, the redesigned Buck the Bunny, or from the Game Informer cover we were on; but we like to think of ourselves as gamers that like to make high quality gaming assets that gamers have control of. Our creations are more than just digital objects; they are keys to unlock worlds, characters, and stories that transcend the boundaries of individual games and platforms.


Imagine this: a single, beautifully crafted weapon that not only serves as a badge of honor in one game but becomes your trusty companion across countless others. This isn't a distant dream—it's the reality we're forging at CyberCrew. Through our 24/7 self-service asset management platform, we empower you to take command of your gaming assets, offering instant access to an arsenal of files with a simple click.

We believe in a future where gamers own their skins, weapons, and gear. We believe that developers should have the freedom to focus on their projects, so let us handle the creation of high-quality 3D assets that are available to use.

It is time for a decentralized world of true ownership and community.



<3 The CyberCrew

Updated June 20, 2024 to version 2.3.0